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This project is a Medieval Map Generator. It randomly places a random number of castles around a map, then partitions land between them using Voronoi diagrams. It then adds overlays to make it look like an old scroll. A simple name generator then creates a name for the kingdom.

This project is part of my "AI For Games" class at WPI. We are all submitting to ProcJam, but the project itself is due next Sunday, so I will continue to improve it until then.

The github page can be found here.

The code is written in Processing, a version of Java with a graphics library built in.

Install instructions

This project uses the mesh library for Processing, so make sure you download and install that before running or the project won't compile.  

To run the code, download the tarball on this page, and untar it using the command:

tar -xvjf MMG.tar.bz

You now have 2 options. Opening the created folder with the processing IDE, or running it in the command line. Opening it in processing IDE is simple and does not need an explanation.

To run it in the command line, first modify the PROCESSING_EXE variable in the makefile to tell it where your processing executable is. Finally type make run into the command line and it will start right up! 


MMG.tar.bz 5 MB

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